Why am I not in any of my pictures?

Why am I not in any of my pictures?

Question I’m asked very often…

You have been to the Masters, Daytona 500, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Yankees Stadium, Key West, Japan, and New York City and beyond. Some of the best Golf courses, sporting venues, and cities in the world.. Taken thousands of pictures and sold many of them…

Pano of Dallas Cowboys new Stadium

The first question I’m asked… where is you in these pictures? It is very easy to say that I don’t like getting my picture taken, as my daughters know when they always try to take pictures of me for Instagram or Facebook….

Other than family photos with my beautiful family I really don’t like having my picture taken… but that isn’t the reason…

Bryce Canyon - Thors Hammer

The reason for me is that when I am in nature especially landscape photography I don’t think that adding my mug to the photo is going to add any value… I believe it subtracts from the beautiful capture of the land or sea. The fact is people take pictures of themselves a lot of time to show that they were “there” I take shots to show “what” is there. I get to see my face everyday when I shave or am getting ready in the morning to take on my day… Having the capture in Bryce Canyon isn’t that important to me.

Morning Sun at Zion

Now – others feel that it’s key for them to have a picture on the Eiffel tower or in Yankees Stadium and that’s completely ok with me. I completely understand… When I look back at my pictures of Thors Hammer in Bryce I am going to remember this beautiful carving of the earth with the wonderful blue sky above it the clay colored monument. That is what I want to remember. Photography is person and should be – if you are going to hand a picture in your office of you standing at the Daytona 500 great. I would rather make and amazing picture that I could look at and remember the day by.

What is your opinion? Post a comment? Do you ensure you’re in every shot when you go somewhere? Is it important to you?

Empire South Pano


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