Week One – Officially in the Books – University of Phoenix

Week One – Officially in the Books – University of Phoenix



After a lot of consideration and soul searching I decided to go back to college online and finish my degree. This is going to be no simple effort as I work full time in a very busy career field, married with two active kids, and I have hobbies I enjoy that take me away.


The decision process is a discussion for another time, but today I wanted to focus on the fact that I have one week in. I have learned a lot in the first week not just about the class but about myself and the needs that I have to work on but also the areas I am better than I expected to be.


The format is well known at University of Phoenix and I don’t find the Discussion Questions and Participation Goals to be challenging as I work online and I could generally carve out enough time to work on these. I have in my first week 11 Substantive Posts in one class and 8 in the second – 6 are required per week per class.


Pausing for a minute, this post is mostly for me – for me to review how I’m doing, to reflect, to energize me. I am only sharing as my personal experience and yours may vary due to your situations. This is the Nick Disclaimer I will put on my UofP posts.


The first challenge I found and it’s an easily fixable one is ensuring you plan out your week on Sunday with the Syllabus and you completely read it, understand it, re-read it, ensure you truly understand it, and then plan out how you are going to attack the week. My first misstep was reading the assignment wrong which lead me to do much more work than was required. I put an extra burden on myself in a week where I didn’t need one as I had a really busy 10-day stretch at my full time job.


I can’t stress enough the importance of laying out your week, understanding the syllabus and your requirements and of course I mentioned re-reading it to ensure you do right?


I am taking US/101 and FP/101 for those of you enrolled you will know these classes and for those of you that aren’t well, that’s ok too – they are foundational classes in my opinion and are to help build skills that some might not have right now around Personal Finance and Introduction to Studies.


Overall, my first week is in the books – I feel “Happy Happy Happy” to steal a quote from my favorite show. My first observation for those getting ready or trying to decide on attending online school is to make sure you have time built into your schedule, your family understands the commitment, and you completely map out your week so you know what is do went and your plan includes that.


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