Week 3 and 4 – Keeping rolling

Week 3 and 4 – Keeping rolling


So I’m am getting back grades from week 5 right now and have been a l little behind on keeping up my blog due to a full time job, daughters soccer, and actually attending my classes J


I continue to find the format of University of Phoenix classroom structure to my liking. As said before I am a early riser so I have the ability to do my DQ (Discussion Questions) as well as Assignment work before everyone wakes up.


In my Finance class (FP/101) the one I was less worried about, I ended up taking the weekly quiz a little more unprepared than I normally would be. This was not time management per se it was more over confidence and not as much preparation as I should have put into it. My grade on this quiz was not terrible, but disappointing for me as I am striving for perfection.


Overall, I dropped my grade average to 96.59%. I came back strong and got 100’s on both my week 4 and MidTerm Exam so that should pull my grade back up to where I’m happier.


Back to the classes and structure, it has been really fun and a great learning process for me. The mix of videos, library research, writing papers, group learning makes it much more interactive process and for people in this day and age that aren’t as much sit down and lecture based it fits our lifestyle.


On the go, in a hotel, or just sitting in my backyard I am able to keep up, manage my class work and continue to exceed expectations.


US/101 is my other class and the feedback is great. 98.33% in this class and I really like my instructor. She is quick to answer my questions, calls me once a week to talk about the class and if there are any questions. She also is great at providing feedback real time to me, which has been a great personal touch I do not know that I would get in a larger classroom setting.


97.46% so overall for this semester. Much more to go, but a little over half way done with these classes and I’m over the moon on my grades and the process. They did post my upcoming classes, which I looked over for next semester, and there is one that is a little scary to me…. More about that later.

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