Video: I used Google Glass | The Verge

So you want to see the Google Glass Glasses in use? You have been waiting for a few of them or a cool demo? Wait no further here you go:

Video: I used Google Glass | The Verge.

Here is Google’s offical demo page:

I watched it today and I’m still holding out my opinion until of course I play with them myself to see what the functionality is as well as the cool factor which every technology gets rated on. There are several applications that do make sense like a Dr doing surgery looking at vital signs, school buss driver making sure kids are not around the buss before they take off… many many more.

For not – you could be in m camp and a person that has now seen them in a video being used in a few senerios and take the wait and see. If your really creative you could be part of the beta program and get a pair today. Go to Google’s site listed above and follow the directions on how to signed up for a free pair of Google Glasses and get started beta testing.


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