Unboxing the Icom IC-F4161DT NXDN Radio

Unboxing the Icom IC-F4161DT

As my wife would say, I am at it again with radios. I just picked up the Icom IC-F4161DT NXDN Radio. If you do not know much about NXDN I would recommend that you check out these few pages:


The reason I jumped aboard is that my club NI4CE has taking the leap with our 10 country coverage of repeaters we have started the process of updated them to NXDN. http://www.ni4ce.org/nxdn/

Here is a blurb, but you could read more at their site: Earlier this year, the West Central Florida Group, Inc. made a strategic decision to replace the D-Star digital repeater at Riverview with an industry standard NXDN repeater from ICOM. In addition, the new ICOM FR6000 UHF repeaters now in service at Verna (442.950 MHz) and Holiday (443.450 MHz) also support MIXED mode 25 KHz analog voice and 6.25 KHz NXDN digital communications on demand.

I decided that it was time for me to think about this challenge since I always like to be on the latest technologies and also I love radios ☺ I think we all know that by now if you have read my articles about Ham Radio.

I have gotten as far as getting the radio home, sending it back because I had ordered the wrong radio for the ham bands, getting it back, opened, programmed and one QSO with my friend Ed WA4ISB. The amazing part for the first QSO is that we had a nice signal with 5/9 quality in my neighborhood which is not normal for me.

Normally, my neighborhood sits in a bowl and for me to hit the Riverview repeater on analog is normally a scratchy and frustrating experience. This was encouraging although I have not gotten much farther than this at this point. It was Thanksgiving week and I was getting away for vacation with my lovely bride.

Here is the video of the unboxing with more to come soon:

Enjoy and 73’s

De Nick N1IC



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