Canon EOS M High ISO Testing



Today I received the Canon Adapter for the Canon EOS M and wanted to do a quick review. Canon EOS M Mount Adapter and wanted to do some testing of the Canon EOS M high ISO in low light conditions. I just happened to have the Canon 70-200 IS 2.8 next to me. Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras I know this is an unconventional way to test and I will doing much more extensive testing on this camera with the non adapter lens as well as against the NEX-7 (which I own as well.) Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera with 18-55mm Lens.

The camera of course looks awkward with the huge lens on the little camera but one thing that really any professional will tell you is that the camera is a tool… any camera could take great pictures to an extent. It’s more about the photographers skill and ability to get the right exposure that is the key. I really want to dig into this camera as I have just read so many negative things about about it to see if it is just truly people have tested and the camera isn’t of quality or people just had some expectation of Canon and in their minds it didn’t reach that standard. Even though they may have never actually taken a picture with this camera.

Overall, my initial impression was pretty positive about two things. The Adapter worked really well with the 70-200… or should I say as expected for Canon Equipment. The surprise to me was the performance of the ISO in lower light considerations. You could see by the samples below that my 6400 ISO picture is pretty useable.

Conditions for this test were:

1.) Adapter showed up from Amazon and put right on the camera with no reading or setup

2.) My couch in my office with lap light pointed up and some natural window light over my sholder

3.) Canon EOS M in AV mode with the 70-200 II USM f2.8

4.) Model: Juliette my Caviler King Charles Spaniel which is one of the best breeds in the world.

5.) Out of camera uploaded to Flickr via Lightroom with no edits

You have a view of 100 ISO up to 128,000 ISO… Take a look and let me know what you think: (Click on any picture for a larger view)


Canon EOS M Testing

This is a 100 ISO version and yes it is not as sharp but I didn’t have great light. I will be taking some more high light version to show the lower ISO. I was really focused on the higher.

Canon EOS M Testing

This is Canon EOS M at 400 ISO

Canon EOS M Testing

This is the Canon EOS M at 1600 ISO

Canon EOS M Testing

This is at 12800 ISO with the Canon EOS M

This is another shot that I captured at the same time in the same light at 6400 ISO:

Canon EOS M Testing

Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera – I’m late to the party



Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera – I’m late to the party

First of all let me say I wasn’t planning on purchasing this or any new camera right now. I was actually selling some gear to put money together for a Canon 1Dx purchase but I was surprised to see the bottom drop out of the 1D IV market and wasn’t willing to sell mine with only 30,000 accusations on it for the prices they have been going for.

I am the proud owner of the 5D Mark II and Mark III as well as the 1D IV so I have a large investment in lens for the platform. I had also picked up the Sony NEX-7, as I liked the specs and what Sony was doing on mirrorless side of the house. This camera as produced some great results for me and has traveled to many countries with me due to its size and quality.

With all this said I really was disappointed when I read many reviews from people that I respect about what Canon had done with the EOS M and had no desire to purchase one. I was happy with my NEX-7 and the lens collection I have for it as well as purchasing the adapter so other Sony lens I have acquired over the years would work with.

Well after saying all that I ended up purchasing a Canon EOS M and here is the two simple reasons. One – I got an email from that they were having a major sale so I put one in my cart to see what the price would be and it was $450 which is an amazing price and secondly with the lens investment I already have in Canon I figured that it would be worth the risk.

Now on to the camera – it is really a nice little compact camera that with the 22mm lens is a package I could fit easily into a pair of cargo shorts or jacket pocket. That has become more important to me over the years when traveling out of the country or with my family. I love my DSLR’s and will never give them up for my personal and professional photography but that simply day out or weekend trip it’s nice to have a camera you could trust with you.

I am not going to get into major review details right now but here I would like to give you my first impressions, which are very different than what I have seen from others.

Pros so far –

1. Size the compact size is really nice. Nothing different than other’s in this category but it’s smaller than then NEX-7 / 5 and makes it even easier to travel with.
2. Common Canon Menu system. If there is one grip that many people have about the Sony is the complex menuing system and software. EOS M is Canon’s standard and really easy, common and likeable.
3. Low Light Performance – I have only taken a few captures so far but I was really happy with the incamera JPEG quality at lower light. I have a few samples at the end of my video.
4. Video – I have taken a few videos so far as well and on simple GREEN or Auto mode they are of acceptable quality for what I expect from my NEX-7 at about half of the price.
5. Touch Screen – I didn’t think this was something I would like but I have to tell you I actually do. I have taken to the touchscreen much more than I thought I would

Cons so far –

1. I know many have called out the AF lock on… As a mainly landscape photographer this doesn’t bother me as much as it did others. I was doing some pictures of my dogs and as it wasn’t as quick as my NEX it was fast enough to get the shots I wanted. I also suspect this is something that Canon will address in firmware.
2. Lens Selection – this is a pro and con. I will get the adapter so I could use my other Canon Lens. I will test much more after I get this attachment.
3. Concern over Canon’s direction with this camera. Canon hasn’t stated much, they haven’t commented too much on the line, firmware or other direction. That is something that concerns me about where or how much they are going to invest in the M line.

Bottom line – for $450 I couldn’t be happier with this little camera. To the point where I have questioned if I need my NEX-7 any longer and that is a big statement for me as that camera comes everywhere with me. I Love my NEX but with all that a little more low light testing, lens adaptor and some more time with the EOS M I might have an NEX for sale. I’m surprised how much I like this camera after all I have read and the fact that there are deals to be had out there I’m hoping this enables the EOS M to catch a little fire and get some more people using it.

The pictures I have seen on Flickr and other sources are of better quality than you might suspect. Again – I’m pleasantly surprised and will be doing some more in depth reviews of this camera against my NEX-7 … I am going to need to decide if I am selling another camera ☺ Keep your eye out for my next review on the EOS M.

Below is my video of unpacking, quick look at the menu’s as well as a few sample pictures.

The end of an Era – 5D Mark II Discontinued


The end of an Era – 5D Mark II Discontinued

This may not mean much for those people that are non-photographers but to those of us that are this is a real end of an era. The 5D Mark II was a true game changer for photographers in many ways but most especially the Full Frame Camera with great Video really captured what people could do with this platform

Let me give you an example the Final Episode of the famous show HOUSE was filmed exclusively with this camera:

Other notables from Wiki:

Notable film and television productions that used the Canon 5D Mark II include (in order of release):
• The opening title sequence for the 35th season of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, first broadcast on 26 September 2009. The camera, alongside the Canon 7D, was used due to its size, which allowed covert shooting on the streets of New York City, and depth of field capabilities, making it a suitable substitute for the series’ usual 35mm film.[19]
• The House episode “Help Me”, broadcast by Fox on 17 May 2010, was shot entirely on the Canon 5D Mark II, replacing the drama’s usual 35mm film format.[20][21][22] Portions of the seventh season were also recorded with a 5D Mark II.[23]
• The BBC Two comedy series Shelfstackers, first broadcast on 4 September 2010, is the first BBC programme to use the camera. The corporation had initially refused its use due to “lack of quality” but were persuaded otherwise by the series’ director, Dom Bridges. All six episodes of the series were shot on the camera for a total budget of £160,000.[24]
• The Road to Coronation Street, broadcast by BBC Four on 16 September 2010, is the first UK television drama to be shot on the Canon 5D Mark II. The drama’s director of photography was impressed and plans to use the camera on the seventh series of the BBC One drama Hustle.[25]
• The rebooted Hawaii Five-0 TV series is currently shot using Canon 5DmkII.[26]
• Behzat Ç. Bir Ankara Polisiyesi, a Turkish TV series is being shot on Canon 5DmkII.[27]
• The 2012 film Act of Valor was shot with the use of the Canon 5D Mark II.[28]
• Marvel’s The Avengers is reported to have some Canon 5D MkII shots.[29]
• Department, a 2012 Bollywood movie, is reported to have been shot using Canon 5D Mark II[30]
• ParaNorman, a 2012 3D stop-motion animated adventure horror film produced by LAIKA, Inc., was shot on sixty Canon 5D Mark II cameras.[31]

This is just the type of the iceberg go to YouTube or Viemo and type in Canon 5D Mark II and you will see what amazing things come from this camera.

Now – let me get personal for a second. This was my truly first camera that stepped me into the professional world of photography. M wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas and this was it. The Canon 5D Mark II. At the time I was shooting a Nikon D80 and will truly tell you I didn’t know what I was doing. When I opened this gift the excitement that I gave me not only for the new electronic toy but the possibility of what I could create with it.. I took it right out of the box threw the lens on it and looked for a subject:

First Shot with my new 5D Markii

From this picture on I was hooked – this camera has been to Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Florida Everglades and has been my stable at Senior Pictures and Weddings for the past 3 years. Yes I have picked up the 5d Mark III and I’m really happy with it… There are many reasons I don’t sell the Mark II but one for sure is that it changed my photography life and I still love shooting with it.

For those of you that know what this camera meant to the industry and trade know what we are losing. To those that don’t understand I will just say… I’m sorry you don’t. This was camera was a tool, a tool that like the Wheel changed the way an industry moved, filmed and captured. Created new and awesome ways of capturing memories and motion but most of all pushed us in ways we didn’t know we could be pushed.

I still have my Canon 5D Mark II and I have intent on selling it…. I will use this camera until the shutter says no more and then I will know we have captured all we could together.

Skyway Bridge - St. Petersburg, FL Wallpaper -

Some days you just have to wake up and walk outside

Juliette from my new Camera

Morning Sun at Zion

Found a spot

March 31/365 Visit to Hendrick Motorsports - Dale Jr's Cars

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