Why reading your camera manual could change your photography


Why reading your camera manual could change your photography

I get asked the question often what is the #1 thing I could do to improve my photography… well to me it’s the most simple question out there.

RTFM… Well you could translate that one but Read the Manual is the key message there. As I have said I have been in technology my whole life and I’m one of the first people to install something and then learn as I go… put the CD in and click next I’ll figure it out later. This phrase has been used throughout data centers for as long as I could remember over the course of my 20+ years in the computer industry.

Women have often said that this is a issue with all men but I’ll leave that debate for another day!!!

Camera’s these days are not only a light capturing tool – I mean that is really what photography is a the essence of it… capturing light but they are sophisticated computers. They will do literally thousands of calculations while you press that shutter button and even more after you do before the picture comes up on your screen.

Fro example did you know that your camera has modes? To help you take the type of picture you want? Did you know that your camera had a portrait mode? To BLUR the background like you see in professional pictures? Did you know that your camera had landscape mode to help you get everything in focus? or Panoramic mode to take a stitched panoramic picture. All the modes listed below setup your camera for a certain type of situation and help your camera know what your trying to accomplish.

Camera Modes:

Now – your camera knows what your trying to do and the odds of you taking a better picture increase dramatically. Reading the manual will help you so much more using your camera. Can I tell you what mode to setup your camera for? Sure! If I knew what camera you had, what you were trying to capture and what time of day it was… but… by reading the manual you will be on your first step to doing that yourself!

There are great books out there to help of course get you quick started this is why of course I continue to recommend this book: http://nicktoday.com/one-of-my-fav-books-for-new-photographers/

These are all just steps in the process though. You need to know your camera and know it better. Please start with getting to know this amazing piece of equipment a little better. ISO/Aperture/Shutter Speed are coming and we will continue to talk about them and why they are important…. why you should know what they do and how to use them… but for now. Let’s start with your camera, where are all the buttons and what are the simple ones. This my friends I promise you will help you take better pictures, pictures you want to take and pictures you will share much more quickly than you thought!

Read the manual today!