Sony Rolls Out Early Firefox OS ROM For Xperia E

Sony Rolls Out Early Firefox OS ROM For Xperia E | NextPowerUp.


I played with some of the new Sony Hardware in the Sony Store and of course they make great hardware and have a great experience overall with their products. My wonder if when do we become saturated with too many phones and OS’s for the public to be able to consume.

This is not to stifle competition of course – not my point – my point is with a Firefox Phone, Ubuntu Phone, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, Android and of course rumors of a Amazon Kindle Phone and Facebook Phone do developers stop developing their apps for all these phones?

Of course I’m sure Twitter, Facebook and the large app developers will continue since they are branding apps for Xbox, Apple TV, Ruku and many other devices because their business is their content I just wonder when the consumer gets overwhelmed.

Maybe the challenge isn’t the phone or the OS they just become irrelevant… maybe it’s just the fact that the phone is free or cheap and it has all the apps I need. I mean they are getting to the point where phones will clones and commodities and whatever has my apps and is free when it’s time to upgrade is where the public will go.

Now that my rant if over of course I’ll be interested to see if there is something serious to separate this phone or is it just another iphone clone.



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