Photo’s of the Icom ID-51 ID-31 IC-92ad together


DSTAR - ID-51, ID-31a, IC-92ad

DSTAR – Icom | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.


  1. George says

    Hi! Would you please tell which Comet Antenna you have on your Icom IC-92AD?….I have one and I would like to buy a better antenna for it…..Thanks!


  2. George says

    Thanks a lot Nick….I`ll try it with my 92AD……would you recommend ID-51A ? I`m thinking about upgrade my one year old 92



  3. says

    I would always hate to say don’t buy a new radio but here is what I’ll tell you. If you have the 92 and you have it programmed and are happy with it then there isn’t a big enough reason to upgrade. If you struggle to program it and/or travel a lot and want the ability to program on the fly then I would say upgrade. I am getting ready to do some audio testing on the 31 vs 51 and the 92 as I have heard some people say the 51 has audio issues (transmit). I haven’t had any bad reports but I have only talked to friends so far on this rig. Bottom line is it is expensive – and if money is a concern and your happy with the 92 stick with it. I love my 92 and wouldn’t sell for two reasons. First – I love the rig it’s solid as a rock and two my wife bought it for me for Christmas.

    • George says

      Thanks Nick for your polite answer! :-) You have a great second reason for not selling your 92AD (gift from your wife)…..Lucky guy! hehehehe! πŸ˜€
      I’m happy with my 92AD but I should confess Its not programmed, I’m at Venezuela and we don’t have too many repeaters around Caracas (capital), 2 VHF and 2 UFH, even we don’t have any D-star repeaters. However, I travel a lot, so program on fly looks to be easier on ID-51A than IC-92AD. Please let me know when you publish your testing on between 92 and 51…..I’m a ICOM fan so it would be hard to migrate to Yaesu FT 1 D or kenwood 72A

      Thanks Again

      George (YV-6-DYU)

    • Tim says

      Nick, I was reading your reply to the 51a upgrade question. I appreciate your well thought off response and your reasoning behind sticking with your 92. It’s hams like you that make newbies like me appreciate the hobby even more…73’s

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