New D-Star radio from Icom. Icom ID-5100

Icom ID-5100

Direct translation from the press release:

Osaka Hirano, President: Tsutomu Fukui headquarters) Icom Inc., will be released (20W type), ID-5100D the (50W type) for amateur radio transceiver ID-5100. Of course, digital <D-STAR>, ID-5100 is a vehicle-mounted transceiver that provides an advantageous evolve in operation in the analog mode of conventional. 

Touch panel that can be operated intuitively, nearest repeater search function first ever analog repeater, Android ® collaboration with terminal ※ 1 , Bluetooth ® support for ※ 1 —etc. In addition, reception waiting two waves simultaneous DV (digital voice)-DV, display characters and also a variety suitable to play easy-to-read large LCD display, such as an SD card slot that corresponds to the data storage of large capacity, a new generation of in-vehicle transceiver I have an operation and excellent function. 

Of course, D-STAR user, ID-5100 transceiver is full of innovative and attractive also for analog legacy users.

Dual-band, dual receive
According to the preliminary specs this will be true dual-band radio with two separate VFO’s. This makes it possible to receive two signals simultaneously, and it doesn’t matter if the signals are analog or digital – any combination is possible.

Touch Panel
First seen on the IC-7100, now migrating to other models too: a touch panel. In an era where color touch screens are default on almost any device, Icom’s black & white screen seems a bit odd, out of place even. Readability seems to be good though.

Nearest Repeater Search
An interesting feature is “Nearest Repeater Search”, which acts a bit like the roaming function we know from cell phones and DMR radios. Strangely, this only works in analog mode.

Android support
With the help of an Android app it’s possible to control this radio from your Android device and (if my limited Japanese language skills didn’t let me down) even use it to make QSO’s. No word on iPhone support.

Bluetooth (option)
You can use a Bluetooth headset to operate the ID-5100. The necessary UT-133 interface and VS-3 headset are options, not standard.

Suggested Retail Prices (without taxes)
Icom ID-5100D (20 Watt): $779
Icom ID-5100 (50 Watt): $828

Demonstrated at the 2013 Tokyo Ham Fair



    • Matthew says

      Dual band, DUAL-MODE, including DualDV Watch with Bluetooth Option and Android App, for only $850? I’d say that’s a bargain.

  1. Rob says

    Spending nearly $1000 (when adding the bluetooth) seems like a bunch when you can buy a 70cm through 160m rig for $800 with something like an FT-857D. Add a $50. 00 bluetooth dongle and the 857 can be controlled via Android.

    The additional money just to have D-Star, which in our area adds little value since only a few people use it, doesn’t seem worth it to me. Applying the same bucks and being able to talk not only around town (70cm/2m/6m) but around the world on HF seems to be the best bang for the buck.

    But, everyone see’s things differently and maybe being limited to 70 cm and 2m (for that kind of money) has some inherit value that I don’t see.


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