My visit to Pappas BBQ

As you know or may not one of the things that I take very serious is BBQ. Making my own, learning, and finding the best restaurants while traveling.


Pappas BBQ

Pappas BarBQ – is a staple in Dallas and I have to tell you that I couldn’t agree more. Pappas is really a small place with wonderful old school atmosphere. They have great BBQ and normally a special that includes tastes from all their major menu items.  All their choices are great their sausage, ribs and brisket are things that I suggest on each visit… because you will go there more than once!

They also have amazing sides and I’m sure that Texas would always say there’s is better but I have had some great Sweet Tea in North Carolina… this would be something I would allow others to argue but needless to say… I really loved Texas’s Sweet Tea!

Overall – Pappas needs to be on your list of visits in Dallas or several other areas in Texas… We love it!


Pappas BBQ




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