Icom ID-51 (ID-51A) First Quick Review

Here is a quick side by side comparison of the ID-51 Icom Dstar Radio next to it’s predecessor ID-31a as well as a surprise appearance from the 92-ad. I am very happy with the ID-51 at this point and really like the programing as well as the other features it has. The size is just a little bigger than the ID-31a and in my opinion worth the extra price. I want to do a more indepth review with some deeper audio testing as well as side by side programming options. I have found a few things it does better than the 31a in programming ability and I wanted to point those out.

This video was done with a Canon 5D Mark II for those that would like to know and the internal microphone only was used as my external mic’s battery was dead. I will get a new 9V for the audio testing of course as I want to make sure it’s a valid and as scientific test as possible.

As always I would love your feedback on the video and don’t forget to like and subscribe it to help me out. I will be happy to test or post something specific if there are questions but at this time I’m going off of the simple things I had time for this morning. I had to go rake leaves and clean the driveway so my time was limited. Also I had heard the UPS truck and was hoping it could be my new Elecraft K3 which I can’t wait to build!!!

Please give me ideas and I will ensure to get to them!!! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and keep coming back!


  1. Bill Nolan N1CHU says

    ID51A / ID31a comparison video…

    I noticed while a volume comparison was conducted text scrolled across the screen stating some of us had commented about poor audio on the ’51… We did BUT we were referring to transmit audio, not receive audio.i corrected this on my ’51 by repositioning the foam “O” ring spacer between the mic element and the outside case enclosure. The foam O ring was aligned improperly, blocking the mic element. I follow the Yahoo Group and have not seen anything referring to poor receive audio, only xmit audio.


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