How to Save Ham Radio – Parts 4 & 5 – N1IC – The Easiest Two!

How to Save Ham Radio – Parts 4 & 5 – N1IC  – The Easiest Two!



So first of all let me say that I had a started 4 and 5 a long time ago when I was writing this series but due to some personal challenges with my health I had to take a step back from blog posting and this series … with that said I wanted to close it out. 4 and 5 as I started writing them were both serious topics but I wanted to combine them since one will be a little more controversial than the other and hopefully 5 will help bring everyone back from their thoughts on the 4th part J


Part 4 – is simply stated MONEY.


One of the ways we could work on saving Ham Radio is money – yes it makes the world go around and yes money does equal speech but there are a lot of things you don’t see about the hobby when it comes to the upkeep of repeaters, websites, networks and so on so let me try to put this into a little perspective for you….


Repeater trustee’s lose money all the time… invest a ton of time and effort into their systems and normally don’t get much back other than slack for uptime and features. So think about this next time your on a 2m machine on the way into work, someone had to invest time into buying all of the equipment, hardline, tower location, getting the repeater pair and getting it up and running. Then the maintenance, new features, autopatches, Dstar if so, Dedicated ISDN lines, electricity and many many other things I’m not thinking of.


Most repeaters are associated with clubs…. Join the club…. Whether you are an active member, attend meetings or not the dues alone will help the club offset the cost of the machine.


ARRL – Joining and contributing to the league is one of our biggest voices with the FCC and Government we have. Is the league perfect? Are you not a fan of some of the rules? Do you disagree with this or that? Sure – I am not here to fight that fight but I am here to say that the good out weighs any of the bad. I grew up in Connecticut and spent a lot of time both in Newington operating as well as hanging out at lunch with the guys that work there. They are dedicated to the best of Amateur Radio and your dues goes a long way in helping protect our airwaves…..


HamFest and Ham Radio Stores – Support them, show up, and walk around check out new equipment. I buy new gear and I buy from hamfests but I always try to support them when they are local. Next time you have a close hamfest support it… Generally speaking you will find good deals or some things you never thought of but the bottom line is your money will support something good with radio.


Money to help buy gear for a needy scout, donating to a charity that supports handicap hams and many other ways of getting your equipment out there and that helps you get some new gear J that will help as well.


Money is the hardest and easiest way to help the hobby!!! There are many other ways for me to talk about money helping save the hobby but I suspect you already know this one.


Part 5 and Final Part of this series….





I can’t tell you how many times I get on the radio and hear people debating or almost arguing about something… I’m get very frustrated since at the end of the day… for me at least it’s a hobby. Have fun… I talked about learning a new mode; meeting a new ham, go to a meeting that you haven’t been too before or even a HamFest.


At the end of the day…. Build a new antenna; find a group that has the same passion area as you (I’m a Photographer and met another one in Dallas and he and I now share pictures as well as Ham Stories) … there are so many people in the hobby that have interesting hobbies that you might have or want to learn about.


Ham Radio has such a unique set of people that are involved from so many walks of life that I guarantee that if you spend some time looking for a group, a mission or something new you will find it and HAVE FUN doing it.


When you know something that you could help another person with – share it and have fun. Teach it and have fun… learn and listen and have fun. I will tell you that getting sick has opened my eyes for sure but I will tell you that having fun with Radio has always been a key for me… and I hope it will be for you.


Remember Ham Radio… Have Fun!




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