How to Save Ham Radio – Modes – Part 3 (5 Part Series)



How to Save Ham Radio – Modes – Part 3 (5 Part Series)


I have been thinking and getting feedback about this series and Ham Radio overall there are several great points I have been hearing from people and I as I have said in the past… yet maybe SAVE is to strong of a word… Strengthen is a good one or expand is another… but let’s stick with SAVE for the article.


In a long list of items I think about the next one are modes of operation –




The next thing I think about is modes…. What else should I be doing to learn a new mode in Ham Radio?


Well, I’m a CW Operator only! Why? I know some people that tell me they don’t even own a microphone. How many people have said that to me over my time in the hobby, I wouldn’t even want to try to count.


I also can’t tell you how many people I have actually had tell me they never have used CW and I think that’s a shame. This is not about the merits of one mode over another. This is about learning more – learning about CW, RTTY, PSK31… Digital modes are just as much fun and any other mode.


I am making it a priority to learn more about RTTY and make more contacts, PSK31 and even JT Modes. I was listening to a net about SSTV the other night and just downloaded a few apps to get me started. You might ask yourself why does it matter Nick? I am a CW guy and that’s it. I don’t care about the other modes… well during extreme times of need… Emergency, medical or whatever else comes to midst wouldn’t it be good to know – wouldn’t it be good to be setup and ready? Why are learning other modes important? So could you use them when needed and teach others how to use them.


My challenge to you – learn a new mode today/tomorrow. Get on SSB, get on Digital… get on CW. This could inspire you for something new, something you didn’t know about yourself… a new DXCC or WAS whatever paper you chase.


Give it some thought.





APRS – I would say this is a mode that is under appreciated and here is why. I drive all over the southeast for business and have APRS in my car. I find several spots of even populated areas that don’t have digipeaters… this is something that anyone with some extra money and antenna should setup. I have a Digi at my house (it might be off the air right now due to some relocation of equipment) and you should too. I times of critical tracking APRS is a amazing tool especially in remote areas … I would highly recommend you pick up a radio that has a Digi… or setup one. There are so many easy ways to get a Digi setup and this is something that could really help other Hams when in need. We should have a web that covers the world in APRS. I have committed to this… think about it when you hear about someone getting lost in the woods or a fire breaking out and we can’t find fighters in the smoke. This is something that is easy and could make a huge impact.



Until next article… 73’s N1IC Nick




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