Ground Zero, NYC Tower 1 and 4 Visit

Ground Zero – YouTube.

In my job I get chances to visit a lot of places and normally as many of you know you don’t get much free time to enjoy the city your staying in. You also don’t get a chance that often to visit hallowed grounds which is something that again isn’t something you have time for.

Growing up in Connecticut I of course have a connection to the city and of course I lived in Connecticut during 911. I have visited the Trade Center’s a few times and worked at Lehman Brothers across the street so I got to see them inside and out many times.

When I ‘m visiting a city I always do some research on BBQ, Photography Opportunities, Ham Radio and of course historical landmarks. I would never say I have stood there and herd voices but when I get a chance to visit it is a great place to reflect on this is the place that the Wright Brothers first flew or the battle field where Washington Cross the Delaware. Whatever it is I like to of course photograph it but take it in… these are places that for us could be once in a life time and you have to treat it that way. Yes, as I have gotten older I have gotten much more reflective but heck why not. We have a great country and some amazing history which we need to spend more time teaching our next generation about. Well, before I get on a soapbox about teaching our kids more than video games, Facebook and texing….

I remember the day perfectly as I was sitting in my office in Farmigton CT and one of the people I work with was listening to Howard Stern on the radio when she said that a small plane crashed into the World Trade Center… well that is where the day started and you know where it ended. I’m not going to go too far into my story but I want you all to remember yours.

My trip was the first time I was at the new memorial – it won’t be the last and I don’t know much more that I could tell you about it in this post other than to let you see it through my own lens. It was a special day for me visiting and watching Tower 1 and 4 be built and seeing those waterfalls with all the names – people tracing out the names of their loves ones and people crying….. it was a special day that I will not forget either for a long time.

I picked the song because it’s not too political but tells a story I think we can all relate too…. Thank you Alan Jackson.


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