Flawed Symmetry of Prediction – Vimeo Video


First of all I take no created other than sharing this wonderful work. It was all done by Jeff Frost and his work is amazing. I happened to be on Vimeo this morning taking a look at a few of my favorite Time Lapse Photographers and this video came up. Time Lapse is time consuming to create in normal conditions. With all the lightening changes, harsh conditions and 3D motion this must have taken a year to create but it paid off… this is amazing work and please share it with your friends and make sure to comment on his post. For all this hard work Jeff deserves credit.

Flawed Symmetry of Prediction from Jeff Frost on Vimeo.

N1IC Ham Radio

Ham Radio Volunteers Support Oklahoma Freewheel Bicycle Ride:

Ham Radio Volunteers Support Oklahoma Freewheel Bicycle Ride: from The ARRL Letter on July 9, 2015 Website: http://www.arrl.org/ Add a comment about this article! Ham Radio Volunteers Support Oklahoma Freewheel Bicycle Ride:A small group of Amateur Radio operators and volunteers supported the Oklahoma Freewheel http://www.okfreewheel.com/ — a cross-state bicycle tour — June 7-13. Kenneth Baucum, […]


FDM-DUO SDR Amateur Radio

http://ecom.eladit.com/epages/990298944.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/990298944/Products/%22ELAD%20FDM-DUO%22   FDM-DUO is a SDR tranceiver that offers the possibility to operate STand-alone like traditional radio or attached to a Personal Computer discovering the possibilites offered by the SDR technologies. Stand-alone Specifications updated 6 June 2014 RX: Freqency range: 10KHz – 54MHz Direct conversion receiver operating @ 122.88MHz ADC: LTC2165 16bit DDC (Digital Down […]

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