Elecraft K3 Project Power On Test – Day 9

Elecraft K3 Project Power On Test – Day 9

So first thing I will say in this post is I got some feedback that my posts were coming across, as I might not have been having fun with this build. I am going to leave the overall impressions for my final summary posts but one thing I wanted to point out during this build I was sick and there were a few days I wasn’t myself.

With that said I am totally having a blast – yeah there are small parts and big hands, which makes for a difficult build at times but that is what also makes it so fun to see the little battles make one big win ☺

OK enough on that topic – The hardest thing I have done so far is try to solder the power cable together and I have to say – I got it wrong. The reason for the delay in posts was I was waiting for a new cable that was assembled. This is one part I would recommend that you take your time on and get the right tools. Friend and one of the better people I have gotten to know because of the Internet and Ham Radio – Bill AK5X told me about this tool although it was a little too late for me but not for you: http://www.westmountainradio.com/product_info.php?products_id=PWRcrimp

Once you get this step done to me one of the parts that all of us enjoy happens the power on… right before you get there you have to do some resistance testing and it’s important. Make sure you have this all right before you move on – the manual says it but I am just reinforcing the point ☺

After that the fun begins – power on test! Here is mine:

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