Elecraft K3 Build – Unboxing – Page 4

Elecraft K3 Build – Unboxing – Page 4

In the continuing saga of the Elecraft K3 Build the package arrived last night but due to some other factors in the house I waited until first thing in the morning. One of the factors was I wanted to get my cameras out and setup for the unpacking of the radio. As many of you – my wife and daughters find it a little strange at times that I’m doing video production in the breakfast nook but we are short on space and I love to write my blog so I normally do these things in the morning when I’m up before the rosters.

Although my video is over 8 minutes (and a 2x speed most of the time) on this process remember a couple of things I was being very careful due to building the video and taking pictures while opening as well as I was putting items back in the box knowing I wasn’t going to start the build right then. My electrostatic mat hasn’t arrived yet so I couldn’t start. The other reason and this is the bigger one for me is this project is going to take me much longer I assume than most. I know many have put the Elecraft K3 together in one day and some in hours – I suspect mine will take me a little longer due to time constrains of other things going on in my house and the fact that I want to revel in building this kit. That is a big part of doing this project to actually take the time and enjoy it…. Not just fly through it. I know different than most I suspect but there you go.

The process starts with opening one large but not too large 14lb box and as you could see in the video there are 5 boxes that you pull out which are the main boxes of parts including several PCB board boxes, an options box, the 100W box and then the radio chassis. In mine you will see the addition of the KAT 3 Auto antenna tuner – a must for me with all the wires and antennas I’m playing with in my antenna restricted area.

First I opened the options box and for not reason did I chose this specifically first only because it was the closed to me at the time. My guidance on this box is fish around and ensures you get all the pieces out. There is a lot of great packing but the parts are small so I got as many out and then dumped the packing carefully and found one more part at the bottom. This package is the one to be the most careful on in my opinion. I won’t type them all up but you will see what is in the box in the video. There are several components in this box that are critical to your build.

Next was the KPA3 100 Watt Amp – this I only unboxed but didn’t fully open the amp because again I knew I wasn’t going to start the build and didn’t want to damage it in anyway. Thank you Sandra for the sub-assembly in this box – I just love the little fortune cookie size note that is in each box… for some reason that just makes me feel that extra attention was put into the packing of the box. Besides the Amp there is a sheet metal part, small PCB and some other parts. There is a manual in this box but don’t fret it is not the full manual as that will come later.

Next are two flat boxes, which of course are the main PCB board and chassis (thanks again Sandra for the wonderful packing and dedication to my experience) there are several small packages of parts and all of the rail kits for the chassis in the second flat box.

Lastly was the box that had the big Elecraft Sticker on it – this box in some ways is exciting but I will tell you mostly is anticlimactic. The first thing you pull out is the Thank You letter from the company for purchasing the product.

Let me stop here for a second to really appreciate the fact that even though it’s a form letter it still makes me feel good that someone took the time to Thank me for a purchase of his or her equipment/product. In this day and age of throw away electronics and other consumer goods it’s rare that someone actually says Thank You anymore…. I thought it was a nice touch along with the small note of who packaged/assembled your box… it makes me feel like they really cared about my purchase and experience. Maybe they could care less like a lot of other companies out there but for me – I don’t feel this way about this purchase and experience so far.

OK back to the story – Spine ringed manual with high quality stock paper as well as one of the manuals is in actual color…. How long as it been since you have seen a color manual. In this box ever layer of bubble rap added more small parts and pcbs. The reason I say this box is anticlimactic is that when you see the radio on the outer package for some reason my brain said you will see the radio in this box… of course knowing that I have to build it my expectations for this box were high. While it was packaged great… again… it was just the same stream of parts and pieces that I can’t wait to put together.

That is it for today – Enjoy the video and please like and subscribe to the YouTube page and my blog. Page 5 will be coming soon – which will be right after I get my anti static mat to start real work on this project. Thanks for reading along with the fun I’m having – I was like a little kid on Christmas morning opening this package and now I can’t wait for the next step…


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