Elecraft K3 Build – Parts Separation and Day 1 Build (Page 5)

Elecraft K3 Build – Parts separation and Day 1 Build

So I will say upfront this is not the most exciting part of the build – I will say that I was not feeling 100% while working on this section so I didn’t get as far as I wanted and I also found that it’s pretty stressful trying to build, read, get things right and be on video ☺

First recommendation of this build is get yourself some sort of project box. I went a little overboard with the Kobalt box and you certainly don’t need something this elaborate but I intend on using it for other projects. Anti static mat and wrist band are both clearly needed.

From my experience there are a lot of parts packages and I have read from some that the best idea is to unpack them all at once. I found that there are several that aren’t needed at first so I unpacked as needed. The Misc bag is the one I started with due to the amount of screws, bolts, washer and so on. I found that even though this is a very tedious part of the built I think it’s critical to get everything separated early so you’re not digging around later.

The next part of this that I will tell you is getting the 2D stands put on the right way is very important as I put one on wrong and had to take quite a bit apart to get the outside case working. I will show you this in my next video but I’m not done editing it at this point.

Enjoy the video and this part of the build as I said it’s not the most exciting part but it’s something that is needed and once you get it done you will be much happier as you build.

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