Elecraft K3 and N1IC – Page 2

Elecraft K3 and N1IC – Page 2


So after checking with a few blogs and friends that have built this radio I ended up making a few extra purchases. The one thing that people have said is the K3 could turn into an expensive endeavor but I would suspect that could be said about many aspects of Ham Radio.


I decided that since I love shiny thing and colors I went with the wattmeter: The Elecraft W2 wattmeter to be specific and with the 200-watt coupler since I will not be putting an AMP on this radio any time soon. I also picked up an anti static map as well as a anti wristband. Those are the easy things the harder choice right now is a multi meter since I haven’t been able to find my old one so I have been doing some shopping. Fluke is my perfect choice but boy they are proud of them with these prices. I am going to do some ebay shopping for sure on this or a quick trip to Radio Shack.


The next part was an antenna tuner but the KAT-100 is just so expensive and I really wasn’t looking to put that much more into the cost right now. I went with the internal tuner since again power isn’t going to be the major concern for me. 100 Watts is more than enough for the space and antenna choices. The last thing that I put into the first package as the general receiver option but the more I read about this on some blogs and then the manuals I really am questioning this choice. They were really clear that this is a part that should be your last option to install because of space. Once you get this receiver in you would have to take it out before installing other options. I’m not sure of this since I haven’t received all of the items yet but I really love SWL and Medium Band listening.


I have the shipping tracking numbers so the wait begins. My dogs have in tune to the UPS truck so with every bark I will be running to the door.



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