Canon Powershot N Inital Impression Review

Everyone … well photographer friends… are always looking for the pocketable replacement to not have to drag around a DSLR. The Mirrorless (Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable  and my Canon EOS M 18.0 MP Compact
) have come a long way and as has the fixed lens cameras like my Sony DSC-RX100M
is really close to perfection.

This leads me to why we are hear today and that is the Canon PowerShot N… the first question you ask and was asked by my wife… why another camera. Well in all seriousness I wasn’t in the market and I don’t know know that I would have purchased it other than the fact I had some expiring American Express Points that I had to use that day and this was really the only interesting thing that was on the site.

So I was traveling for work and my wife told me I had a package waiting from Canon. Perplexed by this because I didn’t recall ordering anything – America Express takes about 3-4 weeks so if you do order through their points sometimes you forget or at least I do.

Happy to  come hope to a PowerShot N…. Nice surprise after a flight from Seattle to Tampa :) I only had a quick chance to power it up and get a few quick snaps but I really liked what I saw right out of the camera. Kenzie one of my normal model was great. I did a few comparisons between a Nokia 920, iPhone 5 and the N. I will have to post them as well but I wanted to give you a quick view of a few shots:

20130728-IMG_0011-3 20130728-IMG_0010-2 20130728-IMG_0009-120130728-IMG_0012-5

I did the wireless upload to the camera phone and quickly posted a few to Facebook which worked like a champ. I’m going to do some size and picture comparisons soon but these are the first quick shots. Let met know what you think…..

Here are a few more edited…. more to the story and testing coming…


20130728-IMG_0018-6 20130728-IMG_0017-4 20130728-IMG_0012-5

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