Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera – I’m late to the party


Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera – I’m late to the party

First of all let me say I wasn’t planning on purchasing this or any new camera right now. I was actually selling some gear to put money together for a Canon 1Dx purchase but I was surprised to see the bottom drop out of the 1D IV market and wasn’t willing to sell mine with only 30,000 accusations on it for the prices they have been going for.

I am the proud owner of the 5D Mark II and Mark III as well as the 1D IV so I have a large investment in lens for the platform. I had also picked up the Sony NEX-7, as I liked the specs and what Sony was doing on mirrorless side of the house. This camera as produced some great results for me and has traveled to many countries with me due to its size and quality.

With all this said I really was disappointed when I read many reviews from people that I respect about what Canon had done with the EOS M and had no desire to purchase one. I was happy with my NEX-7 and the lens collection I have for it as well as purchasing the adapter so other Sony lens I have acquired over the years would work with.

Well after saying all that I ended up purchasing a Canon EOS M and here is the two simple reasons. One – I got an email from that they were having a major sale so I put one in my cart to see what the price would be and it was $450 which is an amazing price and secondly with the lens investment I already have in Canon I figured that it would be worth the risk.

Now on to the camera – it is really a nice little compact camera that with the 22mm lens is a package I could fit easily into a pair of cargo shorts or jacket pocket. That has become more important to me over the years when traveling out of the country or with my family. I love my DSLR’s and will never give them up for my personal and professional photography but that simply day out or weekend trip it’s nice to have a camera you could trust with you.

I am not going to get into major review details right now but here I would like to give you my first impressions, which are very different than what I have seen from others.

Pros so far –

1. Size the compact size is really nice. Nothing different than other’s in this category but it’s smaller than then NEX-7 / 5 and makes it even easier to travel with.
2. Common Canon Menu system. If there is one grip that many people have about the Sony is the complex menuing system and software. EOS M is Canon’s standard and really easy, common and likeable.
3. Low Light Performance – I have only taken a few captures so far but I was really happy with the incamera JPEG quality at lower light. I have a few samples at the end of my video.
4. Video – I have taken a few videos so far as well and on simple GREEN or Auto mode they are of acceptable quality for what I expect from my NEX-7 at about half of the price.
5. Touch Screen – I didn’t think this was something I would like but I have to tell you I actually do. I have taken to the touchscreen much more than I thought I would

Cons so far –

1. I know many have called out the AF lock on… As a mainly landscape photographer this doesn’t bother me as much as it did others. I was doing some pictures of my dogs and as it wasn’t as quick as my NEX it was fast enough to get the shots I wanted. I also suspect this is something that Canon will address in firmware.
2. Lens Selection – this is a pro and con. I will get the adapter so I could use my other Canon Lens. I will test much more after I get this attachment.
3. Concern over Canon’s direction with this camera. Canon hasn’t stated much, they haven’t commented too much on the line, firmware or other direction. That is something that concerns me about where or how much they are going to invest in the M line.

Bottom line – for $450 I couldn’t be happier with this little camera. To the point where I have questioned if I need my NEX-7 any longer and that is a big statement for me as that camera comes everywhere with me. I Love my NEX but with all that a little more low light testing, lens adaptor and some more time with the EOS M I might have an NEX for sale. I’m surprised how much I like this camera after all I have read and the fact that there are deals to be had out there I’m hoping this enables the EOS M to catch a little fire and get some more people using it.

The pictures I have seen on Flickr and other sources are of better quality than you might suspect. Again – I’m pleasantly surprised and will be doing some more in depth reviews of this camera against my NEX-7 … I am going to need to decide if I am selling another camera ☺ Keep your eye out for my next review on the EOS M.

Below is my video of unpacking, quick look at the menu’s as well as a few sample pictures.


  1. anne says

    lol are you me?!? i wasn’t even on the market to buy a camera but i recently purchase this cause it was on sale. I paid $95 more than what you paid, but i got the 18-55mm pkg with the speedlite instead of the 22mm. After fiddling around with in on the weekend, I decided to purchase the 22mm lens as well as an extra battery. I agree with your pros & cons although i think you need to add the battery life issue in the cons.

    • says

      I haven’t played with it enough yet to tell you about battery life but I will put it on list to test thank you for that info. Yeah, I have been getting come people really pushing back on this camera but I have to tell you maybe it’s me but I’m pretty happy so far.

      • anne says

        same same. my fiancee has a 7D and that can be a little overwhelming for someone like me who just wants to take a great picture without the fuss. He was really opposed to me getting the camera and wanted me to get the SL1 instead. But honestly, whats the point of getting a miniaturized version of a dslr? idk. it just didnt make sense to me. the fact that that the eos m is so small and can give you a lot more than a point and shoot is pretty great in my books. sucks about the AF but like you, i dont take a lot of action shots so meh!..and yeah the battery starts to die at about 150-200 pics FYI.

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