Brady’s Backyard Grill Review – Safety Harbor, FL

Brady’s Backyard Grill – Safety Harbor, FL

Well, this is a place that I have wanted to try for quite a while – first if you don’t know Safety Harbor, FL it’s one of the coolest little cities in the Tampa Bay area. You have a marina, large dock into the bay, cool downtown that is very eclectic with shops and bars… and every third Friday night they close down Main Street and have a big party with music, food, vendors and so forth. It’s really cool.

With that said I have walked by this BBQ Brady’s many times. It’s hard not too due to the big PIG hanging out front.


Also that fact that it has an indoor / outdoor experience as you could see there is a bar that sits on the side walk as well as a few tables and they overlook a full bar and into the shop.

Here is their menu:

I opted to grab a table even though it was big and I was by myself I normally don’t like to make a big mess for the staff but there were a few people there and they all seemed like locals which is totally cool most of the time but I just wasn’t in the mood today.


The inside is very cool – it’s a checker tablecloth kinda vibe with white paper over the tables… just what you would expect on top of the cool old signs and bbq restaurant type of genre. I thought it was a really cool looking place.


I have started to really look at my ordering after a few reviews, which one is the sweat tea – I will now from here on out order sweet tea due to a little disagreement with some people about Diet Coke vs. Pepsi in certain parts of the country. I understand the fight but don’t really want to get into it. So the first thing I will say is this is the closes thing that I have tasted to North Carolina Sweet Tea in anywhere I have visited lately. It was really sweet but not to the point where your fillings would hurt…. I grade it really high on the lists of the best around.


I never know exactly what to order but I love ribs as I have started many times that is where I normally start it’s my best category and my ribs are something that people always ask for when then come to my house.

Just to give you a view here are my ribs:

perfect bite

The perfect Rib

So I think I made my point well enough through many posts ☺

I always ask what they recommend and try to order that which was Brisket from the waitress. I love GOOD brisket and I hate bad brisket so it’s a big risk for me to try and review but what the heck they suggested and I went for it – Spares/Brisket and the sides that she recommended were Dill Mac Salad and Cornbread Pudding… Which all sounds great


So – here is the plate of food and let’s get into the good part –

The Ribs is where I started and I will stay that wasn’t the best place to start I thought they were big and had a great look – they were cooked properly but there tenderness was a 6-7 and the taste was a 7 in my book. They were fatty and it could be because the bones I got were from the end not the middle and that happens. I normally cut down the fat a little more.

I reluctantly moved onto the brisket – again this is something I’m always concerned about ordering and my first bite surprised me… I had to step back and try it again. I think I finished the whole portion of brisket at that time. It was sitting on top of a slide of fresh white bread (as well as the ribs had their own). The brisket was moist, had a nice flavor, a little spice to the sauce but not too much… I would tell you that it was easily the best brisket I have had in Florida since living here.

Happily sitting back after the brisket experience I moved to the sides – the Dill Marconi Salad was something I was looking forward to as I love both Mac Salad and Dill – I will say that it was a smaller portion and had good flavor but the one thing I would have added was a little more mayo. Just a tick on the dry side and I tend to over mayo stuff so maybe it’s just me and I’m being picky but that was the one thing I would say.

The CornBread Pudding… um… I don’t know what or how they mad this stuff but it was CRACK good. You could sell this on street corners. I would only complain that there was a small portion on the plate and I would have eaten a full plate of this. It was amazingly good… I mean GREAT! They should really figure out a way to get this out in front of door and pass it out to people walking by you would get so much business from this alone.

My overall experience at Brady’s was a good one – I don’t put a rating number on these things but just try to tell my story. The Venue, The Food, The Sides and Sweet Tea would and will make me come back many times…. I’m not sure I’m ready to say it’s the best BBQ I have had in Tampa since there are many other places to still try but I will tell you they set the bar so far on Brisket and Sides.


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