Brad Paisley Concert in Tampa, FL June 2013

Brad Paisley Concert in Tampa, FL June 2013

First of all let me say I would never have said I was a huge Brad Paisley fan – I love Country Music and I love many o\ther genre’s of music including my generation of Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Southern Rock, The Blues, Jazz, Rat Pack days and so on so I have a deep appreciation for many different aspects.


I had the chance to pick up two VIP tickets for the show in Tampa with Chris Young as the opening act. I didn’t think I knew much of Chris’s music but I have to tell you that after watching his show you end up knowing many more songs and he puts on a really good show. Other than being a little self centered about saying “HEY THIS WAS A NUMBER #1” or “THIS WAS MY SECOND #1” … I guess I would be proud too but ok once is enough J He was really a crow pleaser and did a great job I was really impressed with his music and ability to carry the crowd.


Back to Brad – well you know in knowing a few things about him. He has a great selection of diverse music, many different calibrations, and one of the best guitar players in Country Music and some would argue one of the best heading players in all of music.


I also know that I’m a Trace / Toby – big voice big music first country music fan I mean both of them are the reason I got interested but… Hey had my daughter she loves the music and we were going to have a great time no matter what!


First thing I would say about his concert is… it’s not traditional at all…. Fiber optic lightshows, crowd walking, apps for your phones that get controlled by the show… very different than most.


He started his set with one of his newer songs:



Which the Fiber show on a screen that was pulled across the stage was amazing…. Really captured the essence of the show. Of course he played it great and his guitar playing was wonderful. He said a few times through out the show that he wanted to make sure people got their money’s worth which is an interesting statement until you realize what he means by that … he not only played an awesome concert but he gave away an autographed guitar to a young fan, was in the crowd a lot with people hanging out, grabbed a girls iPhone and sang a whole video into her phone holding it himself and had the crowd going crazy over it and then as one of the laser shows as going on he used misdirection to end up on a stage in the grass area and played 3-4 songs for the folks up there. He ended up playing 14-15 songs if not more in his set so I think if you asked the crowd they got their money’s worth … at least I felt that I did.


A few interesting side notes to the show were an article I read in the Tampa Times about him being a rare country start that wears a cowboy hat:


Never thought about it until I saw that article but I guess it to be true… although I think Trace, Toby, Jason Alden and a few others would take exception. J Not to digress to far.


Second thing was the Taco Bus was there and one of the interesting things about Tampa right now is there is a very cool subculture of Food Trucks happening. I never knew much about it but they are really becoming a staple here in the community so we stopped by to try and my daughter and I loved it. I would search them out again for sure.


I will end with this – he had a nice tribune to George Jones and Andy Griffith which where really well received by the crowd but also a sign of the class and respect for people it seems that Brad has. Everything you read about him is very positive and he’s not one of the scandal-laden stars of the day. I hope it stays that way and honestly we need more like it.  His guitar skills were amazing, great set of music and wonderful show man to me says it was not just money well spent but money I would spend again… I guess that is the biggest compliment someone could give today.


A concert I wouldn’t have expected to go to turn into a lifelong memory for my daughter and I. Thanks Brad and I hope the rest of the tour is a great one!




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