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Green Mountain Grill – Prime Rib Cook

  Green Mountain Grill – Prime Rib Cook So I have wanted to do a Prime Rib ever since I got this grill. Green Mountain Grill and Prime Rib just sounded like a great combination to me. I have cooked ribs and butts several times but due the lack of time lately for cooking I […]


Hard 8 BBQ – Coppell TX

Hard 8 BBQ – Coppell TX Whether it’s the fact that I’m jaded about really good BBQ – I have lived in Dallas, TX / Charlotte, NC and several stops in Florida as well as have extensive travel under my belt which leads me to try BBQ from many different regions and genre’s it […]

Brady's Backyard

Brady’s Backyard Grill Review – Safety Harbor, FL

Brady’s Backyard Grill – Safety Harbor, FL Well, this is a place that I have wanted to try for quite a while – first if you don’t know Safety Harbor, FL it’s one of the coolest little cities in the Tampa Bay area. You have a marina, large dock into the bay, cool downtown that […]

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Nick Palomba Photography


Canon Powershot N Inital Impression Review

Everyone … well photographer friends… are always looking for the pocketable replacement to not have to drag around a DSLR. The Mirrorless (Sony NEX-7 24.3 MP Compact Interchangeable  and my Canon EOS M 18.0 MP Compact ) have come a long way and as has the fixed lens cameras like my Sony DSC-RX100M is really […]


Why am I not in any of my pictures?

Why am I not in any of my pictures? Question I’m asked very often… You have been to the Masters, Daytona 500, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Yankees Stadium, Key West, Japan, and New York City and beyond. Some of the best Golf courses, sporting venues, and cities in the world.. Taken thousands of pictures […]


Canon EOS Price Drop Limited Quanities

In case you have been in the market for this camera there is a great price break on them from B&H (These are affiliate links so I will make a small commission if you purchase though them but it will not cost you any more than the stated prices)   Price Drop = $300!!! Save […]

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Windows 8 Quick Access Menu

                      Windows 8 Quick Access Menu   So here we go – another Windows 8 quick tip! Do you know what the Quick Access Menus is? Well – all you have to do is RIGHT CLICK on the LOWER LEFT HAND CORNER and you will […]


Sony Rolls Out Early Firefox OS ROM For Xperia E

Sony Rolls Out Early Firefox OS ROM For Xperia E | NextPowerUp.   I played with some of the new Sony Hardware in the Sony Store and of course they make great hardware and have a great experience overall with their products. My wonder if when do we become saturated with too many phones and […]

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N1IC Ham Radio


Ham Radio Helping Communities

  I was asked to write a final paper for my University of Phoenix Class on a topic that I was passionate about. I thought that how Ham Radio helps communities would be a good paper as wells help others understand a little more about what makes Ham’s so passionate about the topic. I received […]


BCD436HP Sentinel Software won’t read SD Card

BCD436HP Sentinel Software won’t read SD Card   Like many, I was excited to know that Uniden was coming out with a new line of scanners. As someone that owns many of their products as well as their HomePatrol I have really liked the direction they have been going with easy of programming (like GRE […]


New D-Star radio from Icom. Icom ID-5100

Icom ID-5100 Direct translation from the press release: Osaka Hirano, President: Tsutomu Fukui headquarters) Icom Inc., will be released (20W type), ID-5100D the (50W type) for amateur radio transceiver ID-5100. Of course, digital <D-STAR>, ID-5100 is a vehicle-mounted transceiver that provides an advantageous evolve in operation in the analog mode of conventional.  Touch panel that […]

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